Below is a short list of 60-90 minute after school Zoom workshops. These workshops can be expanded to 2 or 3 sessions depending on the need. Workshops include digital copies of complete books as handouts.

Call for prices. 802-345-9193

If you start with just one session and end up wanting more, we will adjust the invoice accordingly based on the reduced prices above.

Zoom Sessions

For the Love of Writing:  How to create a class where all your students love to write without extrinsic motivators. Based on ideas in my book But How Do You Teach Writing.

Revision: How to Teach it. Learn it. Love it.Teaching the art of creative revision, based on ideas in my books After THE END and Reviser’s Toolbox.

Adding Voice, Humor and Joy to Non-fiction WritingHow to place curiosity and joy at the center of your class when teaching non-fiction writing.  Based on ideas in my books. 51 Wacky We-search  Reports and Why We Must Run with Scissors. 

Discovering the Writer Within It’s hard to teach writing when you don’t see yourself as a writer. This workshop, based on ideas in my books, Discovering the Writer Within and the Healing Pen,  gives teachers first hand experience of what it feels like to be in a class where everyone is a writer.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions at 802-345-9193.  If you want to book send me your best dates and times and we will send you a zoom link , an invoice, and some pre-workshop materials for teachers.