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Here are a quick sampling of various topics Barry speaks on. Writing Workshops can be anywhere from 1 hour to 4 days. Call Barry directly at 802-345-9193 to discuss your individual needs.

Writing Joyfest!

Create a class where everyone loves to write and can’t stop writing. Joy is the fuel for real writing and real thinking This workshop can be tailored to your needs. 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.

The Art of Wacky We-search

Wacky We-search is weally wigorous.

Teaching humor writing is a way to engage young learners in whatever content you are teaching. This workshop shows the essentials of making writing funny and the many types of genres students can employ to deepen their learning and make each other laugh at the same time.

After THE END: Teaching the Joy of Revision


The Healing Pen

Barry’s song tribute to teachers.

Literacy Cabaret

A funfilled fun night of educational satire, teacher morale building and just plain fun!

Teaching the Power of Kindness: Force Field for Good

Come lets weave a Force Field for Good. This assembly and writing workshop teaches students that kindness is something we can practice each day to create a better world. Each song connects with habits like integrity,empathy, sharing, unconditional love and others. Teachers receive a book with a years worth of kindness curriculum.