what participants say…

Literacy Experts

Barry Lane is one of the finest speakers on the teaching of writing. His combination of warmth, insight and energy is magical. My colleagues and I left our day with Barry with full hearts and high spirits, ready to bring new strategies and new energy into our writing workshops.

Lucy Calkins,
Director of the Teacher’s College Writing Project and author of Units of Study (Heinemann)

Barry Lane’s work has renewed and refreshed the challenging job of teaching revision. In powerful and effective lessons and activities, Lane shows teachers how to demystify the writing process for students and
have a good time on the way.

Ruth Culham
Author of 6+1 Traits of Writing (Scholastic)

For years, Barry Lane has had his finger right on the pulse of effective writing. No one is more in touch with what students need to succeed as writers, and what teachers need to inspire quality writing and revision.

Vicki Spandel
Author of Creating Writers (Great Source)

Barry shares big framing ideas and a plethora of daily activities that will engage students in the work -and the absolute fun and joy- of real writing. Being helped to greater competence, wisdom and grace should always be this much fun.

Jeffery D. Wilhelm
Boise State University and author of Engaging Readers & Writers with Inquiry (Scholastic)

I am taking back so many ideas that I can use with my staff. I loved today. It was so engaging. The fact that we wrote was so powerful! Thank you! 

Heather Varon, Assistant Principal, Keller, TX

I have a whole new attitude toward rigor…a new way to spell it “V-I-G-O-R”. THANKS Barry! Loved the creative text structures and ways to “explode” a moment.

Holly Sabin, 4th, Plano, TX
The day flew by! Thank you for sharing your humor and enthusiasm while renewing our writing spirit! I am reminded yet again why we continually reach for your books and lesson ideas!    Terri Pulley, 4th, Double Oak, TX

Fun, exciting and informative! I can’t wait to implement all of these techniques in my classroom.
Tricia Fountain, 4th, Nacogdoches, TX

I found the seminar to have been insightful, entertaining and engaging. Lane provided strategies and materials that were relevant to our teacher and students.
Jose Jimenez, 6th, Laredo, TX

This was my first time attending one of Lane’s trainings, and this training has been one of my absolute favorites! This is my fifth year teaching high school and many of the lessons Barry Lane shared were definitely applicable for the high school setting. Thank you!
Monica Sifuentes, 12th, Weslaco, TX

Never a dull moment! Very informative! Will be looking forward to more of your information. Thanks!
Lupe T. Barajas, 6, 7, 8th, San Antonio, TX

This is the best instruction I have had for STAAR writing since STAAR was implemented. So glad someone is looking out for the teachers!
Pamela Anthony, high school, Yoakum, TX

Fantastic! I enjoyed all the music, art, writing and story telling. There are so many great ideas I can use to help my teachers.
Allison Davis, 6-8th, San Antonio, TX

Awesome! This workshop was exactly what I needed to plan for writing success for my students. The accompanying book has examples that I can share with them. I’m so glad I attended.
Jessica A Lopez, 7, 8th , Weslaco, TX

I like how you validated teacher concerns and provided ways for us to teach vigor rather than rigor. Teaching should produce positive outcomes instead of squashing students’ desire to learn. Your enthusiasm is contagious!
Sarah Casanora, 8th, Weslaco, TX

I definitely learned through play! It was fun! Tempted to revisit resources we already have in use. His insights about connections really hit home. Great influence. Love the songs.
Elida Ramirez, 7, 8th Weslaco TX

I truly enjoyed today. Great tools to take back to my classroom.
Amanda Shelton, 5th, Agua Dulce, TX

Great ideas! Awesome book. Songs were inspirational!
Gladys Gonzalez, 7th, Weslaco, TX

Outstanding! Best Workshop ever!!
Tomas F. Perez, 9 & 11th, Weslaco, TX

Mr. Lane has a gift for inspiring the writer in you! I look forward to passing that gift onto all of my students! I love the songs and the special emphasis that teachers connect/build bridges and teach “real” things to students, not just focusing on statewide testing.
Tyronda Mott, 4th, McAllen, TX

Wow! I’ve been teaching for 15+ years and have gone to LOTS of trainings and never enjoyed one as much as this one. Mr. Lane is captivating he makes me want to run back to my classroom and try all these cool writing ideas! Thanks for coming to Austin!
Kelly K. Cutshall, 4th(GT), Dale, TX

Very interactive workshop! Easily applicable tools.
Melissa Castro, 9th, Austin, TX

Love these workshops! I cannot get enough of your ideas and motivation. The songs are contagious! Thank you for rejuvenating my writing woes! My kids will be blessed because of you!
Kelsey Barbour, 4th, Ralls, TX

I absolutely loved this workshop! It was just what I needed to re-energize and get motivated to be a better teacher. I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained today. I can’t wait to implement new things in my classroom!
Lauren Webb, 3rd Lubbock, TX

Real strategies that we can take back in to our classrooms and implement tomorrow. I’ve looked forward to Barry Lane for years.
Kristy Fortune, 7th, Houston, TX

Great menu of writing techniques! Writing will never be bland again.
Neisha Richie, 7th, Cypress, TX

Very interactive & interesting. Kept my attention and was entertaining.V
Jamie Davis, 9-12, Kingwood, TX

Fabulous! I was able to gather lots of information and tools to apply to my classroom to create lifelong learners and not just teaching to a test.
Katie Nelson 4th, Cypress, TX

Barry is extremely engaging and offers terrific, useful ideas. I enjoyed his approachability and countless resources. I appreciate that he was well-prepared and up-to-date on current state assessments. Loved it – thank you!
Narda Solis, 4th, Katy, TX

Very informative and useful information for writers of all ages! I really enjoyed the workshop! Keep up the great work!
Stephanie Montes, Admin, Kingwood, TX

Great workshop! I can’t wait to get back to my students and share what I learned.
Argelia Garcia, 4th, Houston, TX

Wonderfully engaging and entertaining. Great ideas for my kids. A boost we need to help kids have fun in learning.
Alexis Newton, 7th, Pearland, TX

Exciting! A refreshing change in professional development. Everything I received was applicable. Lots of useful giveaways. I was like a kid in a candy store.
Doniel Watts, 4th, Houston, TX

This is the first training I have been to in a long time where I was actually interested and enriched. Barry is a wonderful presenter and I feel like I’m leaving fully equipped with writing tools to better my students. Fabulous workshop!
Emily Locander, 4th, Houston, TX

Your session has left me sifting through all the amazing techniques and ideas I want to use in my classroom. As a first-year teacher I struggle with extension lessons or great hooks from lack of experience and know I have more tools to use and experiment with. Also as a writer myself I feel inspired to use this material to write. Very entertaining lesson! Great!
Ashley Moore, 4th, Sugarland, TX

This was an awesome workshop! I loved your ideas and they are so seasy to use in the classroom.
Mary Catherine Zito, 5th, Houston, TX

Barry was very energetic, interesting and knowledgeable. The day flew. I would attend any workshop he was presenting.
Jennifer Simmons, 9th, Reno, TX

I loved the workshop! It actually inspired ME to write.
Tiffany Davis, 5th, Sherman, TX

– Loved the pacing. – great ideas. –Love the multi-sensory activities (very engaging). – lots I can use in my class (wish it wasn’t a Friday) – You are very talented and you share your love of writing so positively!
Joanna Ratliff, 3rd, Fort Worth, TX

Thank you for teaching writing in a way that builds life-long writers! Your passion is contagious!
Crystal Miller, 4th, Abbott, TX

Many, many great ideas! I loved it!
Pat Lawton, 7-8th, Waxahachie, TX

I am a first year teacher. This workshop was great! I will never be a bitter, old teacher. Barry is a great example of what experienced should look like. Not old, tired and worn out.
Carrie Hajnal, 7th, Carrollton, TX

Great workshop! It was very engaging with a ton of helpful information. I can’t wait to use these tools in my classroom!
Karen Marshall, 3rd, North Richland Hills, TX

Fun and inspiring! Thank you for the MANY lesson ideas and for transforming my outlook on teaching writing.
Heather Garner, 4th, Keller, TX

AWESOME! You do such a great job motivating us to teach writing. I only hope I can translate it to m kids.
Darlene Waters, 4th, Keller, TX

Definitely changed my mind set in teaching writing! Entertaining and fantastic! Wonferful, wonderful ideas! Loved it! Barry Rocks!
Jenny Putnam, 3rd, Keller, TX

I love to interact in a workshop and leave with as much possible materials to utilize in my classroom. This is a very productive workshop. I would enjoy going to this kind of classroom daily.
Anisa Gronewald, 8th, Greenville, TX

You are an awesome speaker. You are entertaining and intelligent. I love your songs! They make me pay closer attention and learn more. Great Workshop!
Kayce Goains, 5th, Cleburne, TX

Many great practical ideas that can be immediately applied to the classroom. Loved it!
Laurie Downe, 3rd, Argyle, TX

This was the most entertaining and helpful course I have taken. My students will enjoy the refreshing ideas. I will enjoy the chance to teach writing and then reading entertaining student work.
Michael Dey, 4th Allen TX

Entertaining, informative and enjoyable!
Christine Grasser, 4th, Kemp, TX

I am excited to begin using what Barry taught me in my class immediately. The workshop gave me tools that I can easily implement in my lesson plans in preparation for the STAAR test in April. Thanks, Barry.
Tonya Bell, 7th, Duncanville, TX

This was an awesome workshop! Barry is an amazing presenter. His activities are practical to use in the classroom, and they make writing enjoying and fun. I will take what I have learned and apply it
Jenna Kellenaers, 7th Gun Barree City, TX

Lots of good info and ideas. I appreciate the book and handouts. Great speaker and very creative. I hope to utilize these ideas in my classroom.
Jan Strait, 3rd, Canton, TX

So many great ideas! Thanks!
Lori Gorhum, 4th, Schertz, TX

This training should be taken by every teacher who teaches writing process. Reminded me that learning to write should be fun and thinking toward the Essays readiness, not just about writing to pass a State exam. Bring back the fun into classrooms shall be a #1 priority in order townhouse students’ writing skills.
Santa Cestou 4th, Laredo, TX

Great writing strategies. Writing becomes exciting for kids and teachers. Loved it!
Priscilla Escobar, 9th, Eagle Pass, TX

Love the way you make all lessons FUN!
Marissa Trevino, 9th, Eagle Pass, TX

Barry offers many different ways to get the student involved in the writing world. That’s the biggest challenge: getting them excited and involved. I am excited to bring them to my classroom.
Alexandra Sandoval, 4th, San Antonio, TX

This has been an insightful and entertaining workshop! I like how you implement/teach to all of the multiple intelligences. I will definitely use the techniques for elaboration and revising. I also will implement the use of the text icons and visual prompts. This was not a waste of time. It was a great use of my time!
Brenda Garcia, 4th, Corpus Christi, TX

Great workshop! Lots of different strategies to get students engaged in writing and be creative!
Fuanita Garcia, 4th, Helotes, TX

Thank you for showing me some fresh, valuable tools to use to teach writing in my classroom.
Sandra Riddle, 4th, Corpus Christi, TX

Love your ideas/songs/vigor not rigor! Love the idea that playing is a big part of writing. HAVE FUN
Tonya Haecker, 2nd, Cibolo, TX

I love all of the songs! Great ideas for making the writing experience fun.
Jennifer Redman, 4th

The best writing workshop I have gone to. I have gained many valuable tools that will help me become a better writer and teacher. This workshop will help me improve my instruction and better serve my students.
Karen Esteves, 9th, Mission, TX

It is the best workshop I have been to! He was very interesting, funny and overall engaging! I learned a lot! Thank you Barry!
Rosita M. Cantu, 9th, Mission, TX

This workshop allowed for me to see how effective a true writing class can be. As a first year teacher I found this moving and do-able in my classroom. The sessions gave great tools! Thank you.
George D. Galindo, 10th, Edinburg, TX

Informative, realistic, and entertaining! Thank you for such useful information/material.
Olga DeLaRosa, 10, 11, Mission, TX

This was a great conference. I have not been to one this rejuvenating and inspiring in a long time. I am so glad I came.
Christina Sauceda, 9, 11, Harlingen, TX

Enjoyed presentation immensely! Leaving with a new found love of writing.
Veronica Caballero, 4th, Harlingen, TX

Ideas shared with us are exactly the techniques we need to make writing an exciting activity for our students. I wish I had learned these techniques during my first year of teaching.
Miriam Ramirez, 4th, Brownsville, TX

Session was very entertaining and practical strategies were appreciated. We will be using these approaches tomorrow!
Cindy Castillo, pk-5, Harlingen, TX

Barry Lane has innovative techniques and tools that can make any student a well-rounded, proficient writer. His instructional approach to writing can effectively prepare teachers and students to soar above the STAAR Test.
Elias Perez, 4th, Roma, TX

Students will certainly benefit from having a teacher who experienced the Discover Writing Workshop. This has been one of the best professional development opportunities I’ve ever experienced.
Melinda Lanham, 10th, Killeen, TX

Loved the environment – fun – varied – engaging – well worth my time – great ideas that I can use immediately!
Celena Hendrix 4th, Smithville, TX

Barry’s humor and enthusiasm for authentic writing encourage me to “stay the course” in my fight against worksheets and formulaic writing!
Linda Zarsky, pk-5, Round Rock, TX

Very helpful and insightful. My students will respond greatly to the fun activities. The seminar was fun and went by quickly (super unusual for seminars)!
Candace Meares, 4th, San Angelo, TX

Wonderful. Reminded me why I decided to teach. Great ideas to hear student voices not textbooks and rubrics.
LaShawnda Franklin, 6th, Killeen, TX

Great Workshop! Inspiring…I appreciate all your support for teachers.
Sarah Easterwood, 4th, Burlington, TX

This was a FANTASTIC workshop! So creative, inspiring, hands-on, funny, easy to follow information, as well as presenter! I needed this just to re-energize me in regards to writing and teaching! I love how I can take this information and use it tomorrow in my classroom! Stuff I can use and implement instead of saying, “oh that was great” and stick it on my bookshelf, never to be touched again. Definitely will look for more workshops with Barry!!
Diana Stock, 6,7,8, Copperas Cove, TX

Amazing workshop! I loved being able to write without feeling like I have to work a program a certain way. You have awakened a writer and I can’t wait to get back tomorrow. Thank you!
DeAnna Buechi, 4th, Harker Heights, TX

What a wonderfully engaging conference! I learned many new strategies that I can immediately implement in my classroom. I’m looking forward to watching my students evolve into great writers.
Rhonda Simmons, 6th, 7th ELA, Kileen, TX

Best writing training I’ve ever been to. Very entertaining!
Lauren Tucker, 4th, Red Rock, TX

This is a fabulous workshop. Barry is a very entertaining speaker and the content will be in my “toolbox”. Thank you for such useful information!
Sharon Greenstone, 7th, Austin, TX

Truly enjoyed the workshop. Definitely worth the time. It was much needed especially for this time of year. I am very motivated to go into the classroom and use these skills. Great way to have fun while learning!
Katheline Alcantara, 3rd, Austin, TX

Very engaging, kept my interest. Barry showed some great strategies and ideas. I can see how they can be used in a variety of grade levels and subjects.
Amy Bradfield, k-8, Kyle, TX

I was nervous about writing this morning…it is my weakness. By the afternoon my nervousness disappeared and my thoughts were flowing. Very entertaining.
Ginger Bordeau, k-8, Mountain City, TX

In an educational world driven by “high stakes” testing, Barry Lane’s workshop provides teachers with tools that circumvent the stuffiness and stress placed upon students with authentic, fun, and inspirational teaching practice.
Nina S. Agnich, 4th, Corpus Christi, TX

There is no better resource for authentic teaching strategies than Barry Lane.
Dianne Phillips, 4th, Dumas, TX

Very helpful and useful tips and guides. This makes teaching writing much easier; it gives me a framework to start with instead of the usual, boring way. This creates much more individual thinking and expressing rather than me telling students what to say.
Elizabeth Bartel, 9th, Abernathy, TX

This was an awesome, exhilarating, and meaningful workshop. Lots of great ideas and content.
Maria Porras, 4th, Plainview, TX

First seminar that kept my attention the entire time. Informative in an uninformative way. Great ideas for getting children to write and enjoy doing it!
Peggy Gonzalez, 3rd, Houston, TX

Writing prompts and structures will be very useful in supporting my students’ celebration of self expression through the written word. Music was a big plus!
Christina Driscoll, 9th, Houston, TX

Very entertaining! Kept me engaged the entire time. Made me excited about teaching writing again.
Catherine Reynard, 4th, Alvin, TX

I had so much fun today! I enjoyed the kinesthetic learning, the modeling, the songs! I can’t wait to use the 6 word memoir tomorrow! I plan to sue these strategies to make writing more enjoyable for my students.
Ermita Metoyer, 4th, Missouri City, TX

The workshop was fun and engaging! Learned how to make writing inviting and exciting for students.
Emily Brien, 4th, Houston, TX

Energized workshop! If I could bring this energy into my classroom, I’d win Teacher of the Year and my students would grow up to be famous authors. Imagine leaving that mark on the world!
Toya Frierson, 3-5, Houston, TX

Great workshop! Barry Lane is always entertaining and memorable. A great help for me- teaching writing to 7th graders.
Melissa Henke, 7th, Huntsville, TX

The most entertaining writer’s workshop I’ve been to!
Pia de Leon 4th, Houston, TX

This is the second time I’ve been to Discover Writing Workshop and again the writing strategies are amazing. I look forward to coming again.
Scott Gonzales, 7th, Manel, TX

Barry was very energetic in his presentation. I could tell he is passionate about his topics. He provided multiple opportunities to put to practice what he was teaching.
Kristen Eckler, 4th, Dickinson, TX

Primary Teachers

This workshop was just awesome. Barry kept the session fun and interesting. He used examples of everything he presented in order to reinforce his concepts. He was educational and entertaining. I can’t wait to see him again, hopefully soon!

Paul Zimmerman, Grade 1, CT

Barry Lane brings writing to life! He adds sparks and ignites a love of writing in all of us! I’m anxious to get back to the classroom and try his exciting ideas!

Jan McClintock, Grades 2-3, KY

Your philosophy should be the framework for creative, excellent writers everywhere! I’ve used your writing lessons from After THE END for two years. (It was great to be inspired yet again!) I’ve watched students’ writing evolve and develop in a way I never thought feasible! And the ultimate result has been writers who love to write. Thank you!

Anne Watson, Grade 3, CT

Second time at a Barry Lane conference! I enjoyed it again! He has a limitless supply of ideas and suggestions–and they work. Thanks, Barry!

Jory Higgins, Grade 3, CT

This workshop provided many practical ideas that I want to use in my classroom tomorrow! Your presentation was both uplifting and motivating.

Kathryn Irvine, Grade 3, CT

Wow–what common sense! It is so easy; why have I made it so hard? I can’t wait to share with my third graders and then to watch their writing blossom.

Flo Reinbolt, Grade 3, MI

Excellent workshop!! Very enjoyable!! There are ideas that I can use in my class. I learned ways to help my class revise their writing.

Harriet A. Grau, Grade 3, CT

Excellent presentation sprinkled with laughter and humor and loaded with wonderful ideas for teaching writing!

Gale Stachalak, Grade 3, CT

Upper Elementary Teachers

Wonderful! I’ve never laughed and learned so much in one afternoon. Thank you for opening my eyes and engaging my creativity.

Amelia Cassata, Grade 5, CT

Ensuring us that writing is enjoyable to teach and indeed it is quite possible to inspire our students to write…Barry Lane, thanks for the creative yet easily implementable ideas.

Martha Lecko, Grade 5, CT

Excellent workshop–very refreshing ideas/thoughts about teaching writing. New ways of looking at writing in regards to teaching it and in writing myself. Excellent activities and many practical activities that I can use in the classroom.

Shari L. Borenstein, Grade 4, CT

A wonderful “multi-media” presentation. Thank you!

Susan Rubel, LD, CT

The day was filled with practical information that I can go back and try out immediately in my classroom. It was also entertaining. I’ll recommend it to more of my colleagues. I’m the 5th teacher from our school to attend a Barry Lane workshop. We meet to share ideas, and these are always included.

Laurie A. Gjerpen, Grade 4, CT

I loved your ideas for generating lead questions and using snapshots. I will immediately put these techniques into practice when I return to school. Thank you so much.

Debra Francis, El. reading teacher, CT

What an enjoyable experience. So many great ideas were shared through Barry’s presentation that are truly workable for each of us in our own classrooms. Through sharing ideas with wit and humor, the day raced past and came to a closure much too soon!

Renee S. Goff, Grade 5, MI

Thank you for marvelous ideas to use to make revision FUN and interesting. I will use these in my own writing and will write more with my students.

Sharon Kressin, Grade 5, WA

Barry is a fabulous combination of storyteller, stand-up comedian, singer, and, most importantly, an excellent dispenser of information. He weaves real truths into everyday teaching and the stills/tools required to teach. The day was worthwhile from beginning to end.

Ann Burnham, Grade 5, IL

Middle School Teachers

Barry Lane was wonderful! He kept our attention and gave us some great strategies to use with our own classrooms. I would love to have him come to our school to do an inservice and to work with our kids.

Michele Langley, Grade 7, CT

Kudos! A memorable conference with ideas that I can use tomorrow in my writing instruction! Revision is one of the toughest battles I wage. Now I nave new ammunition of binoculars, thoughtshots, and potatoes to wage my “war.! Thanks.

Lana Heinrich, Grade 7-8, MI

This was truly a shot in the arm. It was worth it to stay up writing special plans for my sub. This cleared out the cobwebs in my head about “teaching” writing.

Connie Howard, Grade 8, MI

Barry Lane is a consummate teacher. He entertains and empowers others to pursue their dreams of a society where children love to read and write.

Jason Bluestein, Grade 4, CT

You presented so many useful strategies in such an entertaining way and used our own ideas/problems to show us that they work. I use puppets and poems in my classroom and now I will do it more often. There’s not enough joy and humor in teaching and learning–with your help my classes will have more. Thanks for the music!

Monica Connor, Grades 6-8, CT

I’ve never been to a conference that went by so quickly! Within 15 minutes I already had ideas to use in the classroom tomorrow! Even though I have to prepare my students for the MEAP, I can use Barry’s ideas and techniques to improve all types of their writing.

Ellen Roggenbuck, Grades 7-8, MI

Useful techniques for revisions–very lively presentation. I have some new great ideas to use with my students.

Sue Ozar, Grade 8, MI

Motivational, exhilarating fun! Lots of great ideas; I can’t wait to try them!

Mary Anderson, Grades 5-6, MI

Secondary School Teachers

I loved Barry Lane. His teaching approach is refreshing. This was not so much teaching as it was an experience. His approach helped re-enliven my interest in teaching writing. His words and songs bring life–something in short supply in schools today. I will highly recommend him to other school districts.

Rudy Trevino Grade 10, Weslaco, TX

This was a refreshing way to put my finger on the problems and possible solutions for revision in my classroom. I feel energized and ready to go when only yesterday I vowed to take a break from writing. Concrete examples and modeling were much appreciated.

Kristi Martin, Grades 9-12, MI

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Inspiring workshop. Packed with interesting strategies children will love and teachers will adapt in their curriculum.

Hallie Gailing, Grades 6-12, CT

Barry Lane is very entertaining. He has great ideas for improving students’ writings. Terrific for improving my own writing! I wish there were more time–today was just the tip of the iceberg. His enthusiasm is catchy!

Liz Wilbur, Grades 9-10, CT

I found the Barry Lane workshop inspiring! He has so much energy and so many good ideas, I cant help but think of ways to apply them in my class. This is my tenth year of teaching, and I would have to say that this is the first workshop I’ve ever attended that will actually influence my classroom teaching. Hurrah! I enjoyed every moment of the day.

Julia Buckley, Grades 9-12, IL

Mr. Lane’s approach is refreshing! His wit and practical suggestions kept my mind engaged throughout the day. I’m eager to apply some of his techniques in my classroom. This has been the best workshop I’ve attended in years–perhaps ever!

Anne Pruitt, Grade 12, KY

Absolutely the BEST! You are wonderful and great, and I love your ideas on teaching writing. I teach Senior Composition and have based the things I teach in this class on the things I’ve learned from your book. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading what you write!

P.S. You’re very funny too.

Kara Porter, Grade 12, KY

Not only does Barry bring a wealth of knowledge and suggestions to the seminar, but also a spirit and soul that can inspire any teacher. He’s a model ambassador for writing and education.

Jennifer Whealan, Grade 11, IL

Administrators and Curriculum Specialists

This was super! It made me laugh–I even shed some tears in writing. Can’t remember when I had so much fun learning!

Sue Englund, consultant, CT

Your workshop was dynamite. You are a wonderful presenter. Your ideas for writing are class ready. “Look out, writing students, I’m comin’ in!” (with new ideas).

Laura Baumann, Reading/Curriculum, IL

Barry has the easiest and best techniques for making the fastest and most qualitative differences in student writing!

Debbie Perry, Grades K-8, MI

I haven’t worked so hard, written so much, or laughed so hard in ages. I came, I heard, I saw, I wrote. And I wrote again and again. Finally so many of the things I have read about came to life for me. I feel confident I can relay a great deal of the information I learned today. Thanks for turning on my personal “light switch.”

Marcy LaSalle, K-12, MI

I can’t wait to go put on binoculars with my students! This was a very enlightening and practical workshop. Thank you.

Susan Whitelaw, Grade 5, MI

Totally FABULOUS! As a consultant I can take this right to my teachers, model and have the students up and going tomorrow! This is the best conference I have ever been to concerning writing. The content was presented with ease, and the humor and entertaining manner kept all eyes focused! As conferences go–this will be a great thoughtshot! Can’t wait to have snapshots of kids in our district.

Amy Galczyk, Elementary consultant, MI

Barry’s dynamic yet entertaining style accentuated the content area he presented. Writing, which until this time has been distasteful to me, under his direction and style, believe it or not, actually became fun. I wrote–I actually wrote. Wow! If I’m this excited, just think about the kids.

Bill Chizmar, Principal, MI


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